Zimbabwe: “Mini skirts and trousers prohibit falsification of rumors”


Zanu PF has distanced itself from messages circulating on social media platforms suggesting their advocacy for banning mini skirts and pants for women.

The fake news was created on behalf of Zanu PF’s incumbent National Political Commissioner, Cde Patrick Chinamasa. In a statement, Zanu PF Information and Promotion Secretary Cde Simon Khaya Moyo said investigations revealed that the fake news was created by an opposition-affiliated non-governmental organization. Cde Khaya Moyo said this shameless desperation reflected the immaturity, childish mentality and uncultivated attitude in the MDC alliance. He added that the dissatisfied opposition have become a lost mind and need prayers and compassion, not ridicule, adding that the liberation struggle was fought and won by men and women in battle, and pants have no gender.

“The party’s women’s league was founded by women fighting during the persecution of the liberation struggle to begin work on post-colonial programs to empower women and promote rights, status, opportunities and emancipation,” said Cde Khaya Moyo.

To date, he said, the Zanu PF government has taken significant steps to advance women’s rights through radical economic empowerment programs to ensure that women are equal in all areas, be it economic, political and social.

“It is, therefore, ridiculous that such trivialities in dressing can be ascribed to a huge mass party founded and existing on the shoulders of an empowered women’s league. This false story reflects a new low for MDC A. Zanu PF reminds political actors of this that fake news is spread. ” on behalf of our leadership or party as part of the so-called misinformation and disinformation agenda will never save their falling political fortunes or heal their factional pressures and divisions.

“The people of Zimbabwe know too well what Zanu PF, the Party of the Masses, stands for because it belongs to them and is in no way fooled by these desperate fake news dealers.”

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