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The Nebraska State College Board of Trustees unanimously approved the inclusion of women’s wrestling in its athletics program.

The NCAA identified women’s wrestling as an emerging sport in 2020. Forty-four NCAA-sponsored schools have expanded to include women’s rings to date, and Chadron State is the first public college / university in Nebraska. In addition, 28 states sanction women’s wrestling, including Montana, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.

“Women’s wrestling is growing rapidly and is having a huge impact on the further growth of our sport,” said Brett Hunter, CSC wrestling head coach. “The inclusion of women’s wrestling in Chadron State is a great thing for our institution and I am pleased that our administration recognized its importance and got this thing rolling.

The growth of women’s wrestling in the Chadron state region has been rapid. More than 200 people participated in the 2021 state tournament sponsored by the Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association (NSWCA). More than 400 athletes took part in a state championship in Colorado. In May, the Nebraska High School Activities Association (NSAA) approved sanctioning of girls’ wrestling for the 2021-22 school year.

“Women’s wrestling is growing in popularity nationwide, and our goal is to make Chadron State the college of choice for young women who want to excel academically and continue to compete,” said CSC President Randy Rhine.


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