Women’s sport highlights America’s moral free fall


On Thursday, March 29, 2022, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed the Save Women’s Sports Act into Law into law. He did so against the objection of many progressives, who rushed to their keyboards to explain this law as yet another example of conservative bigotry and cisgender injustice.

How is it possible that there are so many different views? On one side of this debate, the governor of America’s “reddest of the red states” says that “it’s important to protect women’s sports.” On the other hand, we have a lot of “Me-Too” activists pretending to stand for “women’s rights” and screaming that Mr. Stitt’s protection of women’s rights is not right.

What on earth is going on here? Why is there such blatant disagreement over something that almost everyone, up until five seconds ago, would have assumed was as uncontroversial as a woman’s right to her own sport? Surely we’re missing something, aren’t we?

Well, let’s look at the actual bill. As laborious as the legal language may be, perhaps a brief overview will show who is right and who is wrong in this dispute. Here’s what the Oklahoma Senate Bill 2 actually says:

“This law should be known and called the ‘Law for the Protection of Women’s Sports’. As used in this section [the following definitions apply]: “School” means a public school district or public charter school in that state, or an institution within the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.”

“‘School Athletic Association’ has the same meaning as provided in Section 27-102 of Title 70 of the Oklahoma Statutes.” That is, we have already defined this in previous law; check it out

“‘Intercollegiate Federation’ is a national governing body that establishes eligibility requirements for participation in sports at the collegiate level and provides the coordination, supervision and regulation of intercollegiate competitions.”

The bill then continues as follows:

“Sports teams sponsored by a school or sponsored by a private school, whose students or teams compete against a school, are specifically designated as one of the following on the basis of biological sex: 1. ‘Male’, ‘Men’ or ‘Boys’. ; 2. “women”, “women” or “girls”; or 3. ‘Coed’ or ‘mixed’. Sports teams designated for “women”, “women” or “girls” shall not be open to male students.”

Finally, the bill concludes:

“Any student who is denied a sporting opportunity or suffers direct or indirect harm as a result of breaking the law [this law] must have a cause of action for injunctive relief, damages and other remedies available and permitted by law against the school… [and] any student who is subject to retaliation or other adverse action by a school, school athletic association, or intercollegiate association for reporting a violation [this law] shall be entitled to injunctive relief, damages and other remedies available and permitted by law against the [school or organization in question].”

In other words, to put all this legal stuff in layman’s terms, the law that Mr. Stitt just signed into law simply states that schools are schools, colleges are colleges, teams are teams, sports are sports, men are men and women are women. It then makes it clear that any school, college, athletic association, athletic program, teacher, coach or administrator that denies women their absolute right to their own sport, shower and locker room is breaking the law and that Women, therefore, have the right to sue such people and organizations for their shameless and blatant misogyny.

Now ask yourself who in their right mind would oppose this law?

When any culture gets to the point where a Supreme Court nominee says she can’t provide a definition of the word “woman,” and where “women’s rights” activists proudly protest a law codifying the biological fact of women , then you know a nation in intellectual and moral freefall and a country in the throes of imminent collapse.

Two thousand years ago, as the Jewish philosopher St. Paul stood in the streets of a crumbling Roman Empire, he warned: “They are suppressing the truth. … You are without excuse. … She [are] in vain in their minds and their foolish hearts [are] darkened. They claim to be wise [are] Fool. … Because they exchanged the truth for a lie and worshiped the created instead of the Creator, God has abandoned them to a humbled spirit.”

• Everett Piper (dreverettpiper.com, @dreverettpiper), a Washington Times columnist, is a former university president and radio host. He is the author of Not a Daycare: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth (Regnery) and most recently Grow Up: Life Isn’t Safe, But It’s Good.


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