Women have to deal with the insecurity – the NCS chief’s wife


The national president of the Nigerian Correctional Officers Wives’ Association and the wife of the Controller General of Corrections, Aisha Nababa, have said full participation by women is needed to combat the insecurity plaguing the nation and other social vices.

In her opinion, women as house builders can lay the foundation for a peaceful and prosperous country.

Nababa spoke at the association’s national convention under the motto; “National Security and the Corrections Officers Wives” took place in Abuja on Saturday.

However, she did advocate for the inclusion of women in strategies and policies being developed to curb insecurity in the country.

Nababa said: “There are several ways that women, and in particular us, the wives of correctional officers, can help reduce insecurity in the country.

As women we build healthy houses and lay the foundation for a very good, peaceful and prosperous society.

“I believe that women should be included while strategies and policies are being developed to tackle insecurity in the country.

“Consequently, I sincerely hope that this Congress will help remind us of our unique role as catalysts of change and energize us to live up to that role.”

In his keynote address, former NCS spokesman Francis Enobore (retd.) said bandits, terrorists and Biafra’s indigenous people had exacerbated the state of insecurity in the country.

He urged the service to ensure no effort is spared to recapture inmates who have escaped from the country’s prisons.

He said: “There is no denying that national security has become a topic of late due to constant problems
Violations of security of life and property by various non-state actors.

“The nation is living a nightmare at the hands of bandits, elements of Boko Haram, the IPOB and kidnappers
all of which have compounded the problems of previously known weapons
Robbers, cultists, sex offenders and others.

“Unfortunately, security institutions have not been spared
Wave of violence, including detention centers.

“Criminals who have escaped from prison must be caught again
and those imprisoned must be secured to ensure societal security in order for the economy to thrive.”


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