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Hampton says Bell Hooks, who died last month at the age of 69, left an indelible mark on modern feminist thought and scholarship.

Every now and then a writer comes along and challenges current thought patterns. They criticize and analyze and point in order to create new spaces of imagination and to establish a more beautiful world. Bell Hooks was the type of intellectual who pushed feminism to expand its boundaries to include black perspectives and question history more deeply—this is particularly exemplified in her book, Ain’t I a Woman.

Like many young black girls, I was taught that feminism was a white women’s movement. Thank god I discovered the work of Bell Hooks.” – Dreamhampton

Hooks passed away last month at the age of 69, but she lives on very much through her work and the literature that is produced today.

Listen: Detroit-based and award-winning filmmaker Dream Hampton reminisces on Bell Hooks and speaks about feminism in 2022.


Dream Hampton is an award-winning filmmaker, activist and author based in Detroit. Shortly after Hook’s death, she wrote an article in Time entitled “Bell Hooks’ Radical Legacy.”

“Like many young black girls, I was taught that feminism is a white women’s movement,” says Hampton. “Thank God I discovered Bell Hooks’ work.”

“She’s definitely in the academy, she’s trained as a scholar and a theorist … but she makes it so accessible.”

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