Uttar Pradesh: Money is now being spent on teeth, unlike in Kabristan, says Yogi in Mathura


Claiming previous Uttar Pradesh governments spent money building Kabristans’ borders (cemeteries), Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath said Wednesday that his government had spent money building Hindu pilgrimage centers (Teerths).

Speaking at a public event in Mathura announcing projects worth Rs. 201 billion, the Prime Minister said, “Money used to be given to secure the borders of Kabristan (burial sites) rather than to develop pilgrimages. Now rituals are being organized on a grand scale and the saints are being respected. The Kumbh is a great example of reliving a 5000 year old tradition. “

He also hit the opposition over the building of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, saying that it would not have become a reality if there had been another government in the state.

“The Ram Temple in Ayodhya is being built because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Would this temple have been built by Congress? Would the BSP have built it? And what do you say about Babua, ”he said, referring to the former Prime Minister and President of the Samajwadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav.

“If it had been Babua, like Abbajaan, they would have ordered the execution during the construction of the Ram Temple. If they had taken time off from protecting terrorists, they would have thought about development, women’s empowerment, and temples. On the one hand there is the Ram Bhakt government and on the other there are those who shoot Ram Bhakts, ”he said, referring to Akhilesh and his father and the patriarch of the Samajwadi party Mulayam Singh Yadav.

The CM visit to Mathura takes place in the background of the tension in the area after Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha was asked to perform Hindu ritual ceremonies in the Shahi Masjid Idga next to the Katra Keshav Dev temple complex in Mathura.

“This country has taught everyone to celebrate its history for the past 5000 years. This is the place where Krishna was born and through his birth he blessed him. Because of this land and its leelas, Krishna gave instructions for the future 5,000 years ago. Every element of this place has an identity of Lord Krishna, ”said Adityanath.

The “soul” of the country lies in Uttar Pradesh and accused the previous governments of damaging the reputation of the state.

He claimed that government programs were reserved for “four VIP districts” only: during the previous governments, but now they are being implemented across the state. “Previously only one family enjoyed benefits, now they have 25 million inhabitants,” said Adityanath.

He accused opposition party leaders of not going outside to help people during the Covid-19 pandemic, saying they were not needed now and could continue to be “quarantined”.

“During Covid, neither BSP, Congress nor SP were present on site. They were in quarantine at home and in self-isolation. They try to get a stir in elections. But when people were in danger, they stayed isolated. They are supposed to remain in domestic isolation for a few more years. You don’t have to appear in public, ”he said.

The CM claimed that the mafia, who had been “greeted with both arms” during previous administrations, are now shown through the prison gates.

He also announced that cell phones and tablets will be handed out to teenagers this month as part of the empowerment guidelines. “Not just for home work, but it will be a great platform for online education. The exams are taken online, ”said the CM.

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