The USG meets with the Iowa Legislature to advocate for student resources at the state level


The University of Iowa student government and student representatives from various departments visited the State Capitol to advocate for student housing rental resources, mental health resources, and state funding.

University of Iowa students Thursday met with state lawmakers about improvements to higher education institutions in Iowa, including student housing rentals and mental health resources, as well as state funding.

The meeting, Hawkeye Caucus, is an annual tradition that sees several UI programs head to the State Capitol in Des Moines to speak with Iowa lawmakers.

“It’s a really good opportunity to come to the Capitol and give all of the legislators a day to reflect on how important the University of Iowa is to the economy,” the undergraduate president said rain said Kittel.

Student representatives from the UI College of Education, the College of Engineering, and hospitals and clinics also attended the meetings with lawmakers.

Members of UI’s USG spoke with lawmakers about their goal of creating a move-in checklist for students in college towns like Iowa City.

“The move-in checklist ensures that students and tenants will be able to mark what damage is already present and present it to the landlord and receive a copy of it,” smock called. “It just protects people from bail issues.”

The move-in checklist will ensure student tenants and tenants across the state are aware of their leases, Smock said.

“The student government is focused on a move-in checklist bill that focuses on making sure students — but really anyone who rents in the state of Iowa — but hurts students so much more.” smock called.

Sierra Wicks, director of government relations at USG said USG has been in discussion with state legislators about the indentation checklist the invoicepassed the House of Representatives and is awaiting the Senate debate.

“It’s just really important to connect the students’ experiences with these issues, that it’s not just numbers, it’s their faces and their stories,” Wicks said in an interview with The Daily Iowan.

In addition to the move-in checklist, the USG is lobbying for more state-level funding for the university to reduce the chances of a tuition hike.

“The cost accrues to students in a way that is not good, unsustainable, and does not make the University of Iowa a competitor to states where their school receives financial aid and students are able to pay less in tuition,” Smock said.

In partnership with student governments at the University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State University, USG is advocating legislation that will improve mental health resources at universities.

“This is a reminder of the University of Iowa’s impact on citizens across the state,” UI President Barbara Wilson said in an interview with the TUE.

Wilson said she hopes state legislators will see the enthusiasm and dedication of UI students to help improve the state of Iowa.

“I hope that from all of these different booths and tables representing different colleges and the multitude of activities that we’re involved in across the state, they see the broader nature of what we’re doing,” Wilson said.


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