The NALSA women’s commission is launching a Europe-wide legal awareness program for women


New Delhi [India], October 31 (ANI): The National Commission for Women (NCW) and the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) launched an all-India legal awareness program for women entitled “Empowerment of Women through Legal Awareness” on Saturday to practical knowledge of the legal rights and legal remedies provided under various women-related laws, making them fit for the challenges in real situations, according to a press release from the Ministry for Women and Children Development.

NCW Chairman Rekha Sharma said on the occasion: “A large part of society is still unaware of the forms of tools available to them and we are trying to address this situation step by step, or in this case with one step to correct. ” Camp simultaneously covering all counties in the country, “added the press release.

She added: “It has become imperative for women to be aware of the rights that are given to them by the Constitution and the process to remedy the situation or seek justice when they are violated,” it said the press release.

Judge UU Lalit said: “Women’s empowerment is achieved through such awareness programs and I am very proud to say that NALSA, in collaboration with the National Commission for Women, has organized these awareness programs for women,” the statement said .

“The nature of these programs was first that we train the teachers who, in turn, train different women in different areas of society and make them aware of their legal rights,” he added.

The program aims to cover all states and union territories across the country through regular meetings to alert women to the various mechanisms of the judicial system that are available to redress their grievances. The project aims to make women and girls aware of their rights as provided for in the various laws including the Indian Penal Code. The project will also make them aware of the process of approaching and using different channels to remedy complaints, ie the police, the law enforcement and the judiciary.

Previously, on August 15, 2020, the Commission, in cooperation with NALSA, had launched a pilot project “Legal Awareness Program” for women at the grassroots level. The pilot project had all counties of 8 states, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Assam Judge Judge DY Chandrachud and other dignitaries. (ANI)

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