The dangers of driving on crowded Mississippi roads


Driving behind a truck is difficult as you may not be able to get around the massive vehicle depending on the type of road you are on. Hard to see them while driving behind a large truck. Also, you need to be careful how much space you leave between your car and the truck as it is extremely dangerous to drive in one of their blind spots. The chances of driving near a truck on any given day are high, especially if you are driving on highways. The number of commercial vehicles on the roads is growing, and with it the devastating traffic accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that in 2018 there were 273,602,100 vehicles registered nationwide. Of all these vehicles registered that year, 10,327,899 were single trucks and 2,906,011 tractor units. According to the FMCSA, large trucks traveled 304.9 billion miles in 2018. There are around 6.8 million Commercial vehicle drivers who operate their large vehicles on the intrastates and interstates across the country.

Why are crowded streets dangerous?

If you have ever driven on a two-lane motorway with several trucks mixed with vehicles that share the road with you, then you have probably experienced what is known as an elephant race. When an elephant race takes place, a large truck driving behind another changes lane to overtake the truck. Just like car drivers, truck drivers can also find it very irritating to have to drive behind a vehicle that is driving painfully slower than the maximum permissible speed. For example, trucks like passenger cars will try to avoid slow moving cars.

The problem with this is that the truck trying to overtake another truck often cannot pick up the required speed. The result is that both lanes are blocked with bulky, massive trucks and traffic is now jammed because all other cars cannot move freely. Two elephant trucks trying to outdo each other, with both having limited ability to make a clean break, is certainly worth the term elephant racing.

One can understand the frustration a truck driver whose job it is to spend long hours on the road can experience when trying to move his cargo from one location to another. Regardless of the potential devastation a large commercial vehicle accident can wreak, truck drivers must be extra careful and take all precautions Measures to avoid a crash. The riskier behavior of a truck driver, such as constantly changing lanes, puts others in great danger.

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