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July 21, 2021 – THE TONE – Elizabeth Timothy, graduate student at Texas Woman’s University Multicultural women and gender research program, was awarded the prestigious Philanthropic Educational Organization award International Peace Fellowship the second year in a row.

The International Peace Scholarship Fund provides postgraduate scholarships in North America to select women from countries outside of the United States and Canada.

Timothy’s award will enable her to continue her studies at TWU and develop two projects that support underserved women in Kenya. “I help women by raising funds that allow them to build small businesses that then become a permanent source of income to pay for essential food and health care for their families,” said Timothy. It also recruits high school graduates who are academically promising and offers them financial support to attend college. The program has already placed eight girls in colleges across Kenya.

Timothy holds a bachelor’s degree in theology and a master’s degree in development from St. Paul’s University, Kenya. Before enrolling at TWU, she was a lecturer at Moffat Bible College and Scott Christian University in Kenya. Her research interests include women’s health, higher education, transfeminism, womanism, and activism.

After you graduate master in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies at TWU, Timothy hopes to enroll in the faculty PhD program. In addition to expanding her current projects, she plans to continue teaching and working with international nonprofits that focus on empowering women.

Two-time PEO scholar Elizabeth Timothy (third from left) with her family.

Two-time PEO scholar Elizabeth Timothy (third from left) with her family. Photo courtesy Elizabeth Timothy.

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