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Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and one of the world’s leading providers, continues this year “YEP – Young Women Empowerment Program“, an initiative funded by the Fondazione Ortygia Business School to support the personal and professional development of female students in southern Italy. As part of the project, Sparkle will support the development of young women in Sicily, which has always been a strategic region for the operator.

Born from an idea ofLucrezia Reichlin, President and Co-Founder of Ortygia Business School, the Young Women Empowerment Program intends to provide useful tools for new generations to guide their academic and professional decisions, develop merit, and nurture ambition and confidence in the future.

In this context, ten Sicilian students who are enrolled in economics master’s courses at the University of Palermo and the University of Catania are supported by just as many Sparkle managers through individual mentoring sessions, in which, in addition to getting to know their options, they become more aware of the world of work have the opportunity to get in touch with a high-tech work reality with firm roots in the region.

In Sicily, through the two poles Palermo and Catania, Sparkle has developed the most important Internet hub in the Mediterranean, the heart of technological innovation and a gateway for traffic to and from Europe for Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The regional capital is home to the Sicily Hub, a state-of-the-art neutral data center, while the Sicily Lab, a hyper-converged data center and technological innovation laboratory, is located in Catania.

In the last edition, the dialogue between students and Sparkle mentors was stimulating and constructive for both sides and was continued at the end of the program and a concrete bridge was built between the university and the world of work. The experience was presented in the international competition Global Carrier Awards, which was among the finalists in the category “Best inclusion & diversityThe program was also showcased at 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion (4W4I), the cross-company event that saw over 200 companies participate in a four-week consecutive marathon on inclusion from October to November 2021. Sparkle collaborates with Ortygia Business Die School was established through the participation of a young manager in the “Mediterranean guided tour“, the foundation’s flagship training course to strengthen leadership skills.

We have enthusiastically confirmed our adherence to the YEP program after the positive experiences of last year“said Elisabetta Romano, CEO of Sparkle.”The promotion of female talent is a decisive factor for the development of the area and we are proud to be making the contribution of the telecommunications industry with our participation“.

Joining the YEP project reaffirms Sparkle and the TIM Group’s commitment to developing female presence and reducing gender inequality in a traditionally male-dominated technology sector.

About Sparkle

Sparkle is the wholly owned global operator of the TIM Group, the first international service provider in Italy and one of the leading worldwide, with a proprietary backbone of more than 600,000 km of fiber extending from Europe to Africa, America and Asia. Sparkle leverages its global IP, data, cloud, data center, mobile data and voice platforms and offers a comprehensive range of ICT solutions to companies, Internet service providers, OTTs, media and content players, application service providers, and landline and mobile operators. His sales team is active worldwide and spread over 32 countries.

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About the Fondazione Ortygia Business School

The Fondazione Ortygia Business School is a college for managers built in the heart of the Mediterranean based on an idea by the economist and professor Lucrezia Reichlin. The project consists in creating a center of excellence in Syracuse with the aim of building a bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean, promoting the development and economic growth of the countries of the region and as a catalyst for business initiatives and economic dialogue between cultures. At the same time, the initiative aims to contribute to the revitalization of southern Europe and especially southern Italy by building competencies and commercial networks with the countries of the southern Mediterranean coast that enable southern and southern Europe to recover.

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Rome, December 2, 2021

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