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Northeast Syria – Monday, July 19, 2021 – The SRTF is pleased to announce another successful harvest season in Northeast Syria (NES). A total of 6,012 farms – with 14,255 hectares, managed by 54,108 farm workers from 31 SRTF-supported cooperatives (Coops), reported a total production of 53,505 tons of wheat this harvest season. The average yield is 3.75 tons per hectare, a 10% increase over the 3.4 tons per hectare yield in 2020, which itself was 33% above the 2019 yield. The market value of this year’s crop from the supported cooperatives is approximately $ 18.75 million.

In recent visits to the cooperatives supported by the SRTF, the SRTF observed the positive effects that its support continues to have for farmers and cooperatives. In particular, the availability of tractors and modern agricultural equipment led to an improvement in the overall agricultural operation and contributed to a reduction in cultivation and harvesting costs. In addition, the provision of high quality wheat seeds has given beneficiaries an incentive to return to agriculture and increased the total acreage.

In addition, the availability of mechanization centers and offices encouraged collective cooperative farming and empowered farmers through training. These centers also encouraged would-be farmers to see the benefits of the cooperatives and resulted in an increase in the number of farmers in each cooperative, as well as an increase in the area under cultivation. In addition, growing financial returns continue to encourage young people to stay in their cities and work in the fields with the farming teams, leading to a decline in migration.

In Ar-Raqqa, the support of the SRTF has led to an increased stabilization of the area. In particular, the Fund’s support contributed positively to the governorate’s wheat production, the desire of farmers to join cooperatives for agricultural support, and skills development through courses in the mechanization centers. In addition, the continued support of the SRTF created employment opportunities, increased food security in the region and improved the economic and financial situation of the farmers. Finally, these interventions supported and empowered women in the target areas by providing administrative employment opportunities and training in the Cooperative Administrative Units (CAUs) set up for each SRTF-supported cooperative.

In an interview with one of the farmers supported by the SRTF, Abdulrazak said: “We thank the SRTF for the support they have given us, the harvest this year was very good with around 4 tons of wheat per hectare.”

In a recent statement by the general director of the SRTF, Eng. Hani Khabbaz praised the Fund’s continued support for NES, saying, “This fruitful harvest is a testament to the hard work and determination of the SRTF and farmers to revitalize the agricultural sector. The positive effects achieved through support from the Fund will only continue to produce encouraging results in terms of improved economic conditions, empowerment of women and increased food security. Our agricultural support for wheat growers will continue to expand and involve more communities, ensuring sustainable agronomic and economic stability. “

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