Someone Somewhere is expanding initiatives to empower marginalized or poor women


Someone Somewhere raises the bar for entrepreneurs and companies, showing how social impact and profitability go hand in hand and how empowering women is key to fulfilling that mission.

Someone Somewhere, a B-Corp certified social startup working with hundreds of artisans in the countryside, is leading the way in becoming a critical social catalyst by empowering women in vulnerable areas.

Fatima Alvarez, Someone Somewhere co-founder and self-made social entrepreneur, said the team’s mission was clear from the start: The team should have a purpose that goes beyond sales and growth. It should contribute to the well-being and development of all craftsmen involved.

Anchored in her mission to lift millions of people out of poverty, she is committed to giving women who have been marginalized or living in poverty the opportunity to earn a fair wage.

The startup works with 270 artisans in seven of Mexico’s poorest states to apply traditional handcrafts to clothing and accessories to create high-quality, on-trend products. About 12 million people in Mexico make up the handicraft sector. About 70% of this number are women, mostly natives. Someone Somewhere wants artisans who the team can work with to be able to make their own decisions, especially the senior women at the top of their work teams.

After the team’s visit to Napuan, Mexico, Fatima said its members found that most of the women living there were women living in poverty. This is due to several factors, including pervasive gender roles and expectations that women’s work is low-skilled. People also tend to underestimate their manual skills, making it difficult for them to find employment opportunities.

In addition to promoting women’s empowerment outside, it promotes inclusion within its organization. Someone Somewhere prides itself on its female members who play a vital role in its activities. In fact, 54 percent of the Someone Somewhere team are women, and 57 percent of leadership positions are held by women. Today, 75% of the craftsmen the team works with are women.

“Nowadays society is changing its masculine view and has started to include women in many aspects of daily life. When someone hears your voice, they care about what you’re saying, it gives you strength,” says Dani, a member of Someone Somewhere.

Those interested in learning more about Someone Somewhere, including its initiatives to promote women’s empowerment, can visit the website for more information.

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