Sitel PH executives join the cross-industry network forum


From top left are Kara David, presenter, writer and journalist; Hazel Zaida delos-Santos, Head of Wholesale Products, ING Shared Services; and Pamela Donato, Vice President for HR, Sitel Phanz and Executive Sponsor and Chairman, WELead. From bottom left are Winnie Rebancos, Director of Technology, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines; Jaz Torres Ong, founder and television host, Wildlife Matters; and Suzy Roxas, psychologist.

The SITEL Group, one of the largest global providers of products and solutions for the customer experience, has partnered with the Women Interindustry Network (WIN) through its WELead women advancement and support group for the event “Sisterhood, Queen Bees and Female Misogyny”.

The forum brought together women leaders, professionals and allies to discuss the importance of understanding and recognizing misogyny, pushing for greater collaboration among women, and promoting positive change in the workplace and in society. In 2021, the Sitel Group launched WELead, a resource group for female employees that focuses on female executives.

WIN is a collaborative, volunteer, and non-profit community of dedicated career women who support and nurture career women. They host relevant forums and discussions with female professionals in good time about promoting the empowerment of women in the workplace and in society.

“Discussions like this are essential to reminding us and others to be confident and to continue learning about true inclusion and diversity,” said Pamela Donato, vice president of human resources, Sitel Phanz and executive sponsor and chairman of WELead.

The discussion highlighted the various forms of misogyny in the workplace and the inherent prejudices against women. Whether consciously or unconsciously, these prejudices can influence the way women are perceived and treated.

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