Sierra Leone: IG admits in Parliament – I’m not happy with police performance


The newly appointed Inspector General of Sierra Leone Police, William Fayia Sellu, has stated that he was not satisfied with the force’s performance, as in some cases they disregarded their policies and failed to deal efficiently with public order issues.

The new IG answered questions from the Chair of the Parliamentary Nominating Committee, Hon. Mathew Nyuma.

Earlier, Hon Matthew Nyuma told the new IG that the vetting process is part of their role in ensuring that those appointed are fit for purpose, adding that they are not doing this out of malice but to ensure that the public is informed.

He urged the nominees to answer the questions put to them and also to comply with the documents they submitted to the committee.

He praised the new IG for its sincerity and honesty and stated that it will try to counter the inefficiency of the police.

Hon. Rosemarie Bangura called on the new IG to reflect on women’s empowerment and explained that the women’s group in Parliament has been working with the SLP on women, peace and security for some time.

She said they wanted to see how far the SLP had implemented women’s empowerment, particularly when it comes to ranking, promotion and access to peacekeeping missions.

She also urged him to work with the Home Secretary as there are outdated laws in the SLP that need to be changed or repealed, particularly the law dealing with the marital status of female officers who are given a birth schedule after hiring is given.

Hon. Hassan Conteh warned him not to make enemies while serving as the new inspector general of police, particularly after admitting he was not happy with the performance of the force he would lead.


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