She Wears Worth: Raising the Next Generation of Girls/Women in Christ


Courtney Reimer knows what it’s like to question who she is and what her faith is, which is why she is so passionate about raising the next generation of girls to be rooted in Christ.

“Born and raised Catholic, I’ve spent 27 years doing all the things that were meant to be done,” said Courtney Reimer, Founder of She Wears Worth.

While it seemed like she had it all, Reimer says something was missing.

“I didn’t know what that was. I ended up going on a missionary trip with Bob Goff’s organization. love does, to Uganda. I knew I needed a radical change.”

At the time, Reimer was living with her boyfriend in Texas and had a successful job.

“I lived with the mindset that I could do whatever I wanted between Monday and Saturday nights, but if I sat in the pew on Sunday morning, I was fine. That wasn’t the cut. So I embarked on the journey not knowing what to expect.”

Reimer says she met the living God during the journey.

“It was a few days after the trip and I was sitting there one evening and just starting to tell this guy my life story. I had all these secret sins that I shared with this guy and he looked at me so beautifully. He asked, ‘How is your relationship with God?’ I’ve never been asked this simple question before. It was never about a relationship, it was always about the religion and ticking boxes.”

The people on that missionary journey had something Reimer didn’t have.

“They had this unwavering joy, this confidence that comes from such a beautiful place, and I wanted it. The next day was Easter Sunday 2017 and after writing a letter to the Lord I woke up a different person.”

After all, the man she was talking to was her husband. The couple now reside in Crystal City, Manitoba.

Courtney Reimer, Founder of She Wears Worth. (supplied)

“We live in a time that is very much about women’s empowerment. As a woman, you are strong and beautiful, brave and capable. All these things, but there is no foundation. That’s where She Wears Worth came from. I learned that I was all of those things, but for the first time in my life it had nothing to do with all of these worldly things that we’re bombarded with.”

That She carries value The conference will be held in Winnipeg on October 28th and 29th at the Riverwood Church Community Warehouse.

“The room fits 400 girls and the hope is girls from 9 to 19 years old. We really want to focus on this high school girl and this girl who just graduated and is trying to figure out who she is. The main focus, the theme is ‘Set Apart’.”


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