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This year’s Siara Prize of 500,000 Dh went to the Kenyan community RefuSHE.

The ruler of Sharjah promised on Sunday that the emirate will always be ready to help refugees around the world – so that love and justice can prevail.

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council and ruler of Sharjah, shared a message of hope for a better, friendlier world when the winner of the Sharjah International Award for Refugee Advocacy and Support (Siara) was announced during the event virtual event.

This year’s Siara Prize of 500,000 Dh went to RefuSHE, a 2008 Nairobi-based humanitarian organization that aims to meet the significant, unmet need for child and girl-oriented refugee services in Kenya.

“Sharjah will always steadfastly build on the values ​​of collaboration and partnership to create a world where love and justice always prevail. In our religion, as in our Arab culture, helping the weak and needy is a duty, not a choice. It is also a daily responsibility and not a sporadic reaction, ”said Sheikh Dr. Sultan at the Siara 2021 awards ceremony organized by the Sharjah-based global humanitarian organization The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF). The virtual event coincided with World Refugee Day.

At the same time as World Refugee Day, Filippo Grandi, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, also took part in the Siara event; Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of TBHF and Senior Official.

Sheikh Dr. Sultan praised the way humanitarian organizations have created a culture of compassion, saying, “Those who do good deeds and sincerely help those in need help create a culture of compassion, compassion and cohesion in their communities. Based on this principle, humanitarian organizations deserve every support from society and must be provided with everything they need to carry out important humanitarian programs and initiatives. This is because these facilities open the door of hope to the forcibly displaced and are a trustworthy place for anyone who wants to do humanitarian work. “

Special grant of 1.1 million Dh to 3 non-profit organizations

In addition to the main prize of Dh 500,000, Siara has awarded a further prize of Dh 1.1 million for the first time, which will be divided equally between the three companies shortlisted for the award.

TBHF worked with the United Arab Emirates-based Nama Women Advancement Establishment (Nama) to create the special award.

The TBHF-Naman-Granyt went to RefuShe from Kenya; International Network for Aid Relief and Assistance (INARA), which works for displaced children and young people in Lebanon and Turkey; and The Lotus Flower from Kurdistan, Iraq, who use innovative projects to economically strengthen women and girls at risk on the grassroots.

“Sharjah, as you know, is deeply committed to working together to advance efforts in support of those in need. To this end, the Nama Women Advancement Establishment has partnered with TBHF to fund this exceptional special grant, as the nominees’ projects align with Nama’s vision of empowering communities through empowering women, girls and youth, ”said Al Hammadi .

The selection committee for the 2021 edition of Siara consisted of representatives from TBHF and UNHCR; Professor Kevin Mitchel, Chancellor of the American University of Sharjah; and Petrina Shee, chief executive officer and co-founder of the Dignity for Children Foundation, former Siara winner.

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