Senator deViere best for Cumberland County


Margaret Dickson, Rick Glazier, Dr Eric Mansfield, Diane Parfitt

I’m Margaret Dickson, business owner, journalist, former state senator and Cumberland County Representative.

I’m Rick Glazier, attorney, former Cumberland County School Board member, professor at Fayetteville State University, and state representative.

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I’m Dr. Eric Mansfield, ENT in Fayetteville and former state senator from Cumberland County.

I’m Diane Parfitt, nurse, downtown business owner, and former state representative for Cumberland County.

Together for many years, we represented Cumberland County in the North Carolina General Assembly.

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Together, we fought for public education, access to affordable health care, housing affordability, consumer protection, economic development, and environmental and social justice.

Today, we write together in support of one of North Carolina’s most skilled, effective, and respected state senators, Kirk deViere.

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When COVID-19 hit, he responded by fighting and securing tens of millions of dollars for Cumberland County to prevent evictions, home foreclosures and utility cuts.

When public education needed a voice, he responded by effectively negotiating with Republican legislative leaders for, literally, hundreds of millions of dollars in teacher pay, extra school nurses, textbooks, teaching positions, and more. teacher’s assistant, early childhood education funds, broadband funds, schools lunch money and more school social workers. He led the fight for full funding from Leandro.

While many failed for 10 years in the executive and legislature, Kirk was at the forefront of negotiations for Medicaid expansion and ultimately brought all parties to a place where that expansion could finally take place this summer.

When our waters were polluted along the Cape Fear River Basin, Kirk led the charge to prosecute the polluters and get the state and polluting companies to take responsibility, stop the pollution and begin to effectively fix the damage.

When voices cried out for social justice and civil rights, he was on the front lines of expunging criminal records, restoring driver’s licenses, removing barriers to professional licensing and the vigorous fight for the right to vote for all and equal justice for our daughters as well as our sons. .

When predatory loan companies tried to enter North Carolina, he stopped them.

When community vigils meet all over the county, he is always there, listening and responding.

Kirk has always been that way, as an 11-year military veteran, Fayetteville city councilman, local business owner, and state senator. This is why he is immensely respected by his colleagues in Raleigh and considered one of the most brilliant senators in the country.

He is the first in his office most days and the last to leave at night.

He is caring, intelligent, knowledgeable and compassionate, just like the four of us have tried to be in our public service. Only – it does it even better!

He is a statesman and a rare commodity in public service – someone there for all the right reasons, someone who listens and doesn’t just talk, someone who values ​​authenticity and morality rather than ideology and expediency, someone who cares for our children, our families and our community.

He is, in our collective opinion, everything you want and need in public service, in leadership and a model of community engagement. He is a man of extraordinary sense and sensitivity.

Together, we are proud and honored to support the re-election of Senator deViere.*

*Our mentions are personal and are made on an individual basis and not on behalf of an organization of which we are members.


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