Sarah Tran founds HairQare, a holistic beauty company focused on empowering women


Tran offers a new methodology for women to transform their beauty experience from confidence to self-love.

February 1, 2022 – Sarah Tran is the founder of HairQare: a cutting-edge company dedicated to helping women discover self-care and joy through reclaiming their power and holistic beauty. HairQare brings innovation to an industry known for emphasizing the need for women to use expensive products to conceal imperfections by offering a groundbreaking alternative: a holistic, healthy beauty regimen that promotes self-love, not self-esteem.

Sarah started out as a successful paid influencer; However, she soon discovered that the products she was selling contained chemicals that had negligible or negative effects on women’s beauty and health. Deciding to change her calling and become a holistic beauty advocate, she now teaches women how to create their own products to empower and uplift as many women as possible.

HairQare also offers multiple wellness modalities to help women get to the root of hair care issues for long-lasting results, rather than finding temporary solutions. For example, studies show that stress directly leads to hair loss and other hair problems. HairQare’s holistic program includes instructions proven to reduce stress, such as: B. Nutrition, meditation and supporting self-love. The origin of the word “beauty” actually means “pleasing to the eye, ear, mind or soul”. HairQare teaches women how to nourish a spectrum of beauty that appeals to all senses, including mind and spirit: holistic, healthy beauty.

Sarah also encourages positive, fulfilling social media content as opposed to a “lack” mentality that can make women feel bad. Statistics show that social media can reduce women’s self-esteem. HairQare is working to change that and empower women through an empowering influence on social media.

Women’s health and empowerment are so important internationally that one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations is: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

The future of the women the United Nations aspires to is a self-determined future, and that means self-determined on every level, including the way women approach health and beauty. Sarah has been invited to attend the 66th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 2022 and wants to champion and advocate for women’s health and empowerment around the world.

Forward-thinking, women-led beauty companies that stand for holistic beauty and wellness and prioritize women’s empowerment are a new avenue of multilateral support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. HairQare is a leader in holistic hair care and beauty, focused on empowering thousands of women to make better choices for the future. For more information, visit:

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HairQare is a leading beauty company focused on empowering women’s empowerment and holistic self-care.

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