Ron DeSantis committee funds shippers backing school board candidate favorites statewide


It seems that the governor Ron DeSantis does not just support candidates for the school board, it actively supports them.

Senders paid by his political committee began promoting his favorite picks for local councils.

In Sarasota, mail has arrived to voters with individual photos of the school board member Brigitte Ziegler, as well as candidates for the school board Tim Enos and Robyn Marinelli. On the other side of the mail is a photo of DeSantis with the First Lady Casey DeSantis and the couple’s three children. The photo sits alongside a stock image of a blackboard with some type of script identifying the politicians by name and clearly stating they were “Ron DeSantis Approved School Board Candidates.”

The paid political advertisements of Friends of Ron DeSantis came weeks after DeSantis debuted throw rounds school board endorsements statewide.

Ziegler accepted support and help as she seeks a third term on the Sarasota County School Board.

“I am incredibly grateful and thrilled that Governor DeSantis – America’s most popular and influential governor – weighs in and shines a light on local school board elections because he understands the impact they have on quality of education, Florida teachers, parental rights and Florida students,” Ziegler said. “People overwhelmingly support Governor DeSantis’ Pro Student, Pro Parent Education program, and the need to focus on the laser to bring us back to focus on raising our children.”

Of course, the comments, in a sense, show that the shippers of the political committee, which has backed DeSantis’ state political ambitions since his successful 2018 campaign for governor, are promoting the governor and seeking re-election. . But rather than supporting DeSantis directly, he speaks about his program through the candidate he supports.

One side of the mailings reads a list of priorities: “Keep schools open; Stop the indoctrination; Promote civic education and workforce education; Reject forced hiding; Protect the rights of parents. There’s also a QR code that, if scanned, leads to the governor’s re-election website, specifically a page describing his education priorities.

Mailings were directed to voters in specific counties. For example, voters in Lee County received similar mail promoting Sam Fishercandidate for the district school board 1.

“Having the support of Governor DeSantis is a huge honor,” Fisher said. “I am truly grateful to have his support and am dedicated to working hard to empower parents and provide our children with the best education possible.”

Additionally, digital ads on Facebook began running this weekend, targeting voters in select counties supporting school board-approved candidates.

DeSantis’ muscle flexing looks especially noteworthy given that school board races across the state are nonpartisan and will appear on the Aug. 23 ballot, with plenty of decisions there. Since DeSantis faces no Republican primary opposition to his re-election campaign, his name will not appear on the August ballot anywhere in the state.

That means the political committee will likely spend thousands of dollars on mailers targeted at individual county voters promoting other candidates in an election where DeSantis doesn’t run. It’s unclear exactly what each of the shippers cost, but Friends of Ron DeSantis lost $32,824 in shipping with Spectrum Monthly on July 28.

But the cost probably doesn’t mean much since the committee sits nearly $125 million in cash on July 29.

During the last week of July, the committee also made campaign contributions of $1,000 for each of the school board nominees DeSantis endorsed this year.

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