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State, local, tribal, and territorial government officials are primarily responsible for managing disaster recovery in their communities. Identifying and managing resources can be a significant burden for local governments, who often don’t know where to start.

These resources provide a starting point for local officials to begin and sustain community-wide recovery.

Who should the resources serve?

recovery roadmap

Individuals, government officials, non-governmental organizations who are overwhelmed by too many resources and are looking for a targeted, curated list of federal grants.

  • This tool offers:
    Targeted, curated list of federal grants.
  • Sample:
    Select Permission > Topic > Recovery Challenge (e.g. Damage to Schools)

Go to “Recovery Roadmap”

Community Recovery Management Toolkit

Local Officials and Guides need guidance on managing recovery are tasked with managing disaster recovery and don’t know where to start.

  • This tool offers:
    Curated list of specific resources aimed at building the capacity of agencies and executives managing disaster recovery.
  • Sample:
    Filter by “Recovery Management Category”, “Resource Type” and/or “Topic”

Go to Community Recovery Management Toolkit.

Resource library for recovery and resilience

Someone looking for specific resources and have an idea of ​​what types of resources they need.

  • This tool offers:
    Complete list of federally sourced financial, technical assistance, information, or material resources.
  • Sample:
    Filter by Topic, Permission, Intended Beneficiary, Resource Type, and/or Keyword

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