Rakshabandhan is about empowering women



Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]Jul 17 (ANI / BusinessWire India): Dangal TV is ready to launch a new TV show Rakshabandhan – Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal, which is about the brother-sister bond, on July 19th, which is about the brother-sister bond between children – brother-sister , Sister is extremely protective of brother and believes that like brother, sister should protect brother too.

Nyra Banerjee and Nishant Malkani will star on the show. Hardika Sharma and Azinkya Mishra are children in the series. Manish Singhal, director of Dangal TV, said, “We believe that our audiences are responsible for our success. Our focus is on telling stories that are socially relevant and this show seeks to portray the empowerment of women. In today’s times, in which the whole world is going through a difficult phase, we wanted to bring a story that not only speaks of family togetherness, but also celebrates the relationship between siblings and underlines that women are at eye level in every relationship at home and outside . “It’s not just reviews, but the belief that some stories need to be told and that we all have a responsibility to make a difference and reflect the aspirations of our small town women drive into one of our promos in the hopes that they will bring us all Adults reminded to get our vaccines on time. “The show focuses on the love of a brother and sister and how the stepmother is the bad guy and creates a rift between the two. It will have many twists and turns.

Watch and shower your love on Rakshabandhan Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal from July 19, 2021 from Monday to Friday at 7.30 p.m. on Dangal TV.

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