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Gurdaspur: “Jalwa” has become the bone of contention between incumbent Congressman Barindermeet Singh Pahra and AAP Halqa Chairman Raman Bahl. The latter claims the restaurant appeared illegally on forest land. The owners of ‘Jalwa’ are Pahra loyalists. Fearing it might be demolished in the middle of the night, Pahra stayed overnight at the site on Friday. However, the bulldozer never came and the MLA returned home. Is there anyone who can tell him that the government machinery is available to Bahl in his capacity as Halqa leader? Senior officers say the company could be demolished at any time.

Everyone is waiting for the next step of the MLA.

empower women

Sangrur: To promote women’s empowerment and develop capacity building, the district government has taken the lead by launching the “Mera Maan” Coding Boot Camp project, the first initiative of its kind in Punjab. Under the program, girls from underprivileged backgrounds receive basic training in computer coding through a six-month course, says Deputy Commissioner Jitendra Jorwal. A dedicated company provides a 5,000 rupee stipend and after the girls acquire programming skills within 3 to 4 months, they are paid a monthly salary of 15,000 to 20,000 rupees.


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