PSL Statement: Supreme Court Declares War on Women’s and Abortion Rights – Take to the Streets!


The Supreme Court has declared war on women and our basic right to control our own bodies. Now it’s time to fight back. Millions of people taking to the streets would make it clear that without justice there can be no peace.

A heroic man leaked the Supreme Court’s decision to end abortion rights by repealing the abortion law Deer vs Wade decision, and the sooner Casey Decision.

Neither the church nor the state has the right to tell women what to do with our own bodies.

The Supreme Court has proven throughout history to be an enemy of democracy and an enemy of people’s rights. It maintained slavery as a legal institution until the Civil War ended it. She made apartheid and segregation law in the country in 1896 and today seeks to end abortion rights that were the product of the mass movement of millions of women and their allies in the 1960s and early 1970s. The Supreme Court today also takes back voting rights for black Americans, human rights for immigrants, and union rights for workers. Until the mass movement of the LGBTQ community forced the Supreme Court to change it, it denied marriage equality and other fundamental rights.

The Supreme Court should be abolished. Nine unelected judges appointed for life should not have the discretion to gut the rights of hundreds of millions of people in the United States. This institution pokes fun at the idea of ​​a democratic society.

Now it’s time to fight back. Only a mass movement of the people can save abortion rights. Take to the streets in the United States.

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background of the decision

Amid a spate of attacks on women’s reproductive rights, the Supreme Court is poised to overthrow Deer vs Wade.

This decision did not come without warning. States have consistently attacked reproductive rights in the run-up to this vote, including by passing the infamous Texas SB 8 Act. For decades, right-wing forces have launched ruthless abortion ban after abortion ban in hopes of provoking the abolition of abortion rights.

This landmark decision comes in sufficient time for the Democratic Party, which controls majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives, to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA). Passing the WHPA would have legalized abortion once and for all and guaranteed women’s suffrage in the United States.

The draft opinion, which goes deep into sexist and racist ideology, describes abortion, a crucial component of women’s health care, as a “bitter national controversy”. This callous treatment of an often life-saving medical procedure is outrageous!

In reality, the majority of Americans have consistently supported it Deer vs Wade. In fact, a recent 2022 poll found that 72% of respondents opposed the verdict being overturned. The US government is aware of this fact, as evidenced by the fence wall being built around the Supreme Court as it prepares for an all-out war on women’s rights. These statistics highlight the fact that, despite their will, the essential reproductive rights for 166 million women in the United States rest in the hands of 9 undemocratically appointed Supreme Court Justices, 6 of whom are men.

This is a walkout moment. It is clear that women’s right to vote has popular support, and what is even clearer is that if we don’t take to the streets, we will never be able to enforce this right. The elite Supreme Court is threatening a war on women’s rights, and the only force capable of stopping it is the people of the United States, who are mobilizing and organizing to defend our rights.


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