Protea’s finalist for Mrs. Universe Africa preaches empowerment for women


The 1 year old mother of two and model, Fikile Mdiniso Mpopo, made it as a top 20 finalist for Mrs. Universe Africa.

Mpopo is a data engineer by profession and has been in the tech industry for over ten years after graduating from VUT with a Cum Laude bachelor’s degree.

The model is currently continuing her studies at Henley Business School with the goal of an MBA. She is also the director of Open Eyes Girls, an NGO that aims to help young girls and women reach their full potential and reach their full potential through tools such as science and business.

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“My greatest passion is educating and empowering women. I strive to be a leader who can build an army of women who build and strengthen each other. I believe that women are stronger together and with our caring gift of nature we have the power to enrich our communities. As a candidate for Mrs. Universe Africa, my goal is to connect, educate and empower communities while helping women realize that their dreams are valid, ”said Mpopo.

The top 20 finalist believes that women are the lens through which a girl sees and interacts with the world, and that the more women become empowered, the more hope there is for future generations.

“My greatest achievement has been mentoring students and graduates who are new to the technology and business sectors. To see how they develop professionally into their competent selves and how they grow personally within the South African company brings fulfillment and meaning to me. I am also part of an NGO and can use my knowledge, skills and passion to touch other people’s lives, ”she explained.

Although Mpopo will be competing for the crown with other candidates on September 24th, residents of Protea will be asked to support one of their own by voting for them and securing a spot in the Top10.

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