Political newcomers Kendrick and Antonneau fight over Brown County District 1


By the Press Times team

BROWN COUNTY — For the first time in a decade, residents of District 1 in Brown County will have a new representative on county council, with Tom Seiber not running for re-election.

Ronald Antonneau and Tristan Kendrick will square off on April 5.

The Press Times asked each candidate the same question and gave them each 200 words to answer.

What do you think is the most important issue facing the City of Green Bay and District 2, and if elected, how will you address it?

Antonneau did not respond to the questionnaire sent to him.

Tristan Kendrick

A: Environmental degradation, crippled infrastructure, lack of public safety and worker exploitation are the issues facing Brown County.

I hear you and we will work together to resolve these issues.

We must preserve and maintain what we have.

As supervisor, I will work to invest the influx of state and federal funding into projects that will repair our crumbling roads and bridges.

I will also continue to support conservation projects that will clean up and protect our environmental assets, including Fox River, Green Bay and other areas, from further deterioration.

These investments are my main priorities.

Second, I believe everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their home and work.

Our law enforcement shouldn’t have to spend their valuable time prosecuting marijuana-related offences.

It’s time to decriminalize cannabis, so they can focus on protecting our communities from the most pressing threats.

I will also continue to support the growing organizing movement so that we can end the exploitation of our most essential workers: teachers, first responders and all hourly workers.

These people deserve our attention and our support.

Brown County is our home.

Let’s come together and make it better.


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