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This week on New Mexico in Brief, a look at a historic fire season in our state. “Our Land” producer Laura Paskus provides the context needed to understand the impacts of early start, the devastating damage, and how we can deal with this growing threat.

This year, New Mexico has had its two largest fires. These fires have destroyed hundreds of homes, killed two people so far, forced thousands to evacuate their homes and livestock, and will cost millions of dollars.

“The Longest Season: An Our Land Wildfire Special”, explores all of these challenges and the ongoing struggle to support and recruit federal firefighters to control these fires.

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NMiF Segments

All Segments – Laura Paskus

The Evolution of Droughts and Wildfire Threats in New Mexico

Parker Williams, bioclimatologist, UCLA

besieged forest

Daniel Denipah, Forestry Manager, Pueblo de Santa Clara
Laura McCarthy, New Mexico State Forester
John Formby, Forest Health Specialist, New Mexico Forestry Division
Lindsey Quam, Deputy Director of Forestry, New Mexico Division of Forestry

Fight more than fire

Marcus Cornwell, Federal Forest Firefighter
Kelly Martin, President, Grassroots Wildland Firefighters
Jonathon Golden, former forest firefighter

Wildland Firefighters Update

Jonathon Golden, former forest firefighter

Preparing homes for fire season

Tom Swetnam, professor emeritus at the University of Arizona

Wildfire notifications and resources

Eytan Krasilovsky, Deputy Director, Forest Stewards Guild

earth day message
Laura Paskus

What shall we do now?

Eytan Krasilovsky, Deputy Director, Forest Stewards Guild

Community Forest Management in Northern New Mexico

JR Logan, Secretary and Treasurer, Cerro Negro Forest Council
David Fermin Arguello, member, Forestry Council of Cerro Negro
Art Montoya, mayordomo, Forestry Council of Cerro Negro
Richard Cordova, lenero, Cerro Negro Forestry Council

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