New Year: I know your frustrations, Diri tells the residents of Bayelsa


Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri said his government will work hard in the New Year to improve the socio-economic situation of the state’s residents.

This is what Diri said in his nationwide New Year’s address in 2022 to the people of the state on Saturday.

He is aware that many families and residents struggled to survive in the past year due to the economic hardship.

Diri said: “I acknowledge that while we as a state have made significant strides towards the goals we have set, I am not aware of the reality that many families and individuals have struggled through 2021.

“I feel your pain and I know your frustrations. It is my sincere prayer that 2022 will bring better news to you and all of us than last year. As a government, we will continue to take the necessary measures to address the challenges of unemployment, poverty, hunger, inequality and poor health. ”

He said that despite the various challenges in 2021, particularly funding, the government had made advances in areas such as health care, education, agriculture, youth and women empowerment, security, sports, infrastructure and reconciliation for damaged communities, among others.

According to him, a number of projects are due to be commissioned for the second anniversary in February.

The governor urged people to hope for better things in the new year, but continued, “The vision for a prosperous Bayelsa continues to evolve and continue. I will be the first to recognize that, despite undeniable advances, there are areas that need to be improved and profits consolidated.

“This is the time for real friends of the state to orientate themselves towards the prosperity vision, so that together we can transform challenges into opportunities and prosperity.”

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