Natlyn Jones talks about boxing and her inspiring SheWarrior brand


Natlyn Jones is on the way.

As the wife of legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr., she knows a thing or two about sports. As a groundbreaking promoter, Jones was motivated by the fun and competitive nature of the sport. But balancing children, dreams and social life is never easy.

After two years of combat training, the former law student launched her own brand to inspire hardworking women around the world.

The brand called SheWarrior is all about “embracing your fighting spirit”. The stunning sportswear is specially designed for boxer shorts and is perfect for enhancing your style, confidence and training routine.

Equipped with cool designs, inspiring quotes and comfortable workout material, it is sure to become your latest basic sportswear.

Whether crop tops, bras or even leggings, you are sure to find something special for your wardrobe here. The Post spoke to the inspiring entrepreneur to learn more about her SheWarrior brand.

Natlyn Jones

Tell us about your background. I am the founder of SheWarrior, a fully sustainable (and fashionable) athleisure clothing line. As a boxer and fitness trainer myself, I wanted to create a collection that would be suitable for both training and the city, because as a mother of three, everything revolves around multitasking. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and strong on her own, which has been the driving force behind every piece I design. My mission and passion is to get women to stand up for their health, well-being and their inner warrior.

How has boxing changed your life?
I wanted to find a way to relieve the stress and pressure of my everyday life. Boxing was the perfect outlet! I’m not just growing as an athlete, I’m gaining strength both physically and mentally. No matter what life throws in my way, I can enter the ring and it will all disappear. They say everyone needs their happy place to relax and unwind, and for me it is!

What inspired you to launch your own brand?? I’ve been interested in a variety of careers and personal interests over the years, but my love for fitness has always been a constant. I opened a gym and worked as a personal trainer for several years before starting my husband Roy Jones Jr.’s boxing career. When he retired from boxing, my love for boxing persisted and I put on a pair of gloves and began practicing the techniques of a professional fighter to learn in the ring. To this day, it’s my favorite way to work up a sweat. This is where my passion for fashion and women’s empowerment came in – I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to actually wear an activewear brand that has a name that appeals to women and our inner warrior?” Hence SheWarrior was born and I set out to turn this idea into reality.

What makes SheWarrior so special? I wanted to differentiate SheWarrior from other athleisure brands by taking a more ethereal approach. I am a versatile person, being unique and incorporating things that appeal to a wide variety of women is my goal with my business. I am a strong woman, but like everyone else, I sometimes face personal challenges. I wanted my brand to address the female empowerment and warrior in all of us. But also on our vulnerabilities and the knowledge of the strengths in them. My goal is to create designs that appeal to both women who exude a bold style aesthetic and those who prefer a more reserved look.

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How would you describe a SheWarrior?
I have to describe SheWarrior as the ultimate lifestyle brand that encourages women to embrace their inner warrior. We all strive for health and wellbeing together, so let’s put some leggings on and bring out the inner badass women we all know we have inside of us!

What was your most challenging moment as an entrepreneur? How did you
Overcome it?

I’ve had some challenging moments starting my business. One of the biggest hurdles I faced was keeping my manufacturing operations in the US. It’s a lot cheaper to produce overseas which helps your bottom line, but keeping as many products as possible made in the US was important to me. My second big challenge was discovering my brand’s audience through social media and navigating this crazy world! I study as we go but everything is starting to come together!

What are some of your favorite SheWarrior pieces? All of our sustainable pieces are made from recycled plastic bottles and dyed in a water-free dyeing process, so each collection is incredibly special to me. The styles not only look and feel great, but also help reduce our carbon footprint and save the planet step by step. BUT, if I have to choose, my favorite pieces for the summer would be anything to do with “Winner’s Circle”. The collection offers eye-catching color block designs in red and blue as well as simple plain colors, so that you will find something in Winner’s Circle in every mood. Another favorite and wardrobe staple of mine is our all meshed-up legging. A classic black leggings with side mesh trim and integrated pocket (because who doesn’t love pockets). And they’re comfortable enough to walk from the playground to Pilates or from your desk to dinner with ease.

What’s the best advice you have for women athletes and women entrepreneurs?
I have seen many ups and downs in both business and boxing, but I can say that you will succeed as long as you never let the fear of failure stop you from achieving your goals. And whatever you do, make it a point to surround yourself with good energy and positive people who want only the best for you because if everyone is picking you up, you can’t fall!

5 must-have items from SheWarrior

Winner’s Circle Crop Sports Top, price: $ 69.00


This high-performance top is fashionable, sustainable and just the thing for your workout routine.


Show your things in this trendy short-sleeved top. With the brand’s namesake and an inspiring quote, it’s a must have for your athleisure collection.

Dream Chaser Tie-Dye Sports Bra, price: $ 65.00


If you are looking for a new sports bra this is a great choice. The sweat resistance, the comfortable fit and the cool batik design are really first class.

Copper colored sports bra, price: $ 65.00


This copper colored bra is as stylish as it is durable. It was made with comfort in mind and is essential for all of your training needs.

BodyWork Leggings, price: $ 89.00


These body leggings were made with SheWarriors in mind. The modeling fit, the cool fabric and the comfortable elastic band ensure a safe and stylish feeling.


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