Michigan Legislature Approves Major K-12 Funding Increase | New policies


“I am delighted that we are able to ensure that our education is funded,” he told reporters, saying the $ 8,700 grant “is a great place for them to start their school year at from July 1, working on their budget, I think that’s positive.

“This is a great bipartisan effort to have the largest investment in education in Michigan history,” said Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. of East Lansing, the first Democrat on the Senate budget panel . “I’m really proud of the job the governor did to get here and I was proud to support him.”

Lawmakers adopted Whitmer’s revised proposal to expand the state-funded preschool to 22,000 eligible but unenrolled 4-year-olds and increase the amount allocated per child.

They added $ 240 million to hire additional nurses and school counselors and $ 155 million to have Grand Valley State University pay up to $ 1,000 each to K-5 students who are not proficient in science. reading. The scholarship could be used for educational materials, tutoring, summer and extracurricular programs.

“The aim of this program is to provide as many good options for parents as possible,” said Senator Lana Theis, a Republican from Brighton who cited the loss of learning as children went to school online during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lawmakers also included $ 135 million for districts with an annual or “balanced” schedule. A additional invoice that passed last week and the newly approved K-12 measure will free schools an additional $ 4.7 billion in designated US funds for coronaviruses.


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