Mauve Group announced the winner of the Women in Business award at the 2022 Go Global Awards

  • Mauve wins the Women in Business award at the Go Global Awards.
  • Hosted by the International Trade Council, the three-day event celebrates the global companies powering the economy.
  • The Women in Business award category recognizes individual women who create and develop international opportunities for their businesses.

LONDON, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Friday, Mauve Group was recognized as the Women in Business Award Winner at the 2022 Go Global Awards.

Hosted by the International Trade Council, the Go Global Awards is an annual event celebrating the global companies that are driving the economy through their innovation, technology and strategy. Organizations are recognized based on their resilience and ability to overcome challenges.

complied with Tallinn, EstoniaThe event welcomed hundreds of executives and representatives from government agencies, international corporations, venture capital firms and financial institutions.

While attendees celebrated the talented organizations making a difference in the world of work, the Go Global Awards also aimed to build a community of manufacturers, exporters and service providers to share ideas, form partnerships and explore new connections.

The Go Global Conference and Awards event spanned three days of B2B networking, conferences, site visits and a final awards dinner.

The Women in Business Award recognizes women, regardless of title, position or leadership status, for their achievements in creating and developing international opportunities for their business.

With over a quarter century of experience helping companies expand their overseas operations, Mauve Group is a pioneering service provider in the global expansion industry. The core solution Employer of Record enables companies of all sizes to employ their employees in countries where they do not have their own local office.

Mauve Group also offers a full range of expansion solutions including global payroll, visa and immigration, project management and consulting services.

The association was represented in Tallinn by marketing and event specialists Demetra Tofaridesand country representative and business development coordinator Teresa Lewis. Demetra Tofarides explained the personal and professional significance of the award:

“As two businesswomen working in a company with a founder and CEO – Anna Ellis – and to a majority of female employees, this award meant a lot to Teresa and me, as well as the entire team. Teresa and I were honored to represent Mauve Group and walked away with this award as well as some great new connections to other great men and women in the business world.”

Teresa Lewis explained how it felt to receive this award on behalf of the Mauve Group:

“Mauve has great representation of women across the business and it is an honor to have been recognized with the Women in Business award.

chairman Anna Ellis Underscored Mauve’s commitment to improving women’s business opportunities through more accommodating and equal workplaces:

“I’m honored that Mauve was recognized with the Women in Business Award and couldn’t be more proud of the team’s achievement. As a founder, I hope that this award will inspire more women to turn their ideas into international companies. It symbolizes a drive to improve flexibility and equity in the global workplace – we want to lead a new era of work that offers women greater opportunities in business.”

About Purple:

Mauve Group has been a leader in the global mobility industry for over 25 years and a provider of global employer of record and business expansion solutions. Businesses can save time, money and risk by using Mauve’s Employer of Record service to hire anywhere in the world, legally compliant and remotely – without the need for a local office and with real-time support from true industry experts.

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