Marion County Approves Forest Service Agreement; Tables Action on Community Center | news


JEFFERSON – The Marion County Commissioners Court on Monday approved an agreement with the Texas A&M Forest Service for free use of county land.

“This is a five-year contract,” said District Judge Leward LaFleur.

“Basically, Texas allows A&M Forest Service to work on county owned land, to running bulldozers and chainsaws and burning scrub and training, especially at the airport,” he said.

Commissioner Charles Treadwell noted that the county had the contract cut logs and burn bushes several years ago at no cost to the county.

“It also enables them to come and help in the event of a disaster, if they just come to the county and help out,” said LaFleur.

In other matters, the court allowed the security of the courthouse to be placed in the hands of the county sheriff’s office. The court filed a lawsuit designating the entire first floor of the courthouse outbuilding as the county jail.

“I think we should hold back a little with it and make sure it meets prison standards,” said Marion County Sheriff David Capps.

Elsewhere, the court re-filed lawsuits regarding the proposed reopening of Jefferson’s Kellyville Community Center to the public after it closed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So we’re waiting for some legal advice on some matters,” said Judge LaFleur.

The court was due to make a decision on reopening the community to the public as early as April, but decided to submit the action item at that time to gather information about the property’s alcohol consumption guidelines.


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