Land was exchanged for a separate Bregado Flax Education Center


The Virgin Islands government successfully negotiated to provide land for the separation of the primary and secondary departments of the Bregado Flax Educational Center.

The Honorable Minister for Natural Resources, Labor and Immigration Vincent Wheatley stated that following approval by the Virgin Islands Cabinet, a decision was made to exchange lands owned by landowner Christina Yates to allow for the construction of a new school. Ms. Yates will receive government-owned lands in the Leverick’s Bay area.

The Honorable Wheatley said there has been a need to separate primary and secondary schools for more than thirty years.

“It is hoped that construction of the new school will begin soon after a successful land transfer,” the minister said, adding, “This is a remarkable development that drives the separation of the Bregado Flax Elementary School and the Secondary School, which ultimately… the case will be to enable primary and secondary school students to learn more effectively.”

Landowner Christina Yates shared her joy at being able to help improve education in the Virgin Gorda community and develop the tourism product in the North Sound area.

Ms. Yates said: “I am pleased that the Bregado Flax Educational Center will have the land necessary to continue serving the needs of youth in the community. I am also excited to now be able to develop the tourism product for the North Sound community. Sam Leonard and I embarked on this journey years ago and it is fulfilling to see our dreams come true.”

The land exchange property owned by the Crown in the Leverick Bay area measures one acre. Christina Yates’ property is land at Black Witch Hole measuring 2.8 acres. The lands involved in the exchange should be of comparable value.

The Government of the Virgin Islands continues to seek innovative solutions to meet the needs of the Virgin Islands while promoting a higher quality of life for residents and visitors alike.



Photo 1: Official photo of Secretary of State for Natural Resources, Labor and Immigration, the Honorable Vincent Wheatley

(Image credit: GIS/)


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