India at the forefront in delivering immediate humanitarian and relief operations during the pandemic: Om Birla


Lok Sabha spokesman Om Birla said Tuesday that India had been on the front lines in conducting immediate humanitarian aid and relief efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Om Birla took part in the general debate on “The global response to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the effectiveness of multilateralism for the people” at the Fifth World Conference of Presidents of the Austrian Parliament in Vienna.

The Lok Sabha spokesman highlighted how India has supplied vaccines, medicines and other equipment to over 150 countries to advocate for global health and wellbeing.

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“India has been proactive in dealing with Covid-19 and the hallmark of our response to the pandemic has people and communities at the center of our efforts time and resources to develop its strategies to fight the virus,” said Om Birla.

He also appealed for cooperation and cooperation between member countries in the post-pandemic global economic recovery to stimulate the revival and recovery of the global economy.

Om Birla also urged the international community to press ahead with global and national reforms to create a fairer world after the pandemic.

The Lok Sabha spokesman also highlighted how India has increased its production capacity of PPE kits, masks, face covers, diagnostics, oxygen, medicines, ventilators and other supplies to fight the pandemic.

In the margins of the conference, Om Birla held bilateral meetings with the presidents of the parliaments of Italy, Mongolia and Guyana and discussed common democratic values, strengthening the democratic ethos on the ground, the empowerment of women and the need for increased mutual cooperation in cultural Area, economic, diplomatic and other areas.

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