Hengst Auto KeKe reiterates its support for empowering women


Stallion Auto Keke Limited, a member of the Stallion Group and the sole distributor in Nigeria of the world’s leading Bajaj tricycles and four wheelers, has expressed its desire to continue to support women in achieving their goals.

Stallion Auto KeKe Limited Managing Director, Mr. Manish Rohtagi, gave reassurances on Tuesday while addressing women with the theme “Breaking The Bias” on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022 held at VON Automobiles Nigeria in Ojo, Lagos State .

Mr Manish said the company plans to have 50 per cent of its workforce women.

Stallion Auto Keke is already delivering tremendous value to Nigerian society through its various initiatives. One such initiative is its commitment to the empowerment of Nigerians in general, and young women in particular, through the company’s extensive Stallion Empowerment Initiative (SEI) program, which focuses on female tricycle riders, mechanical training and assembly.

Speaking further at the event, Manish advised the women to always support their families as most of them are already in positions of power.

Noting that women should complement each other, the MD urged them equally to work hard, learn skills and improve in everything they do.

“I want 50 percent of our workforce to be women. As women, you should complement each other. If you want to do something, make an effort to train. You can also contact your manager and we will support you.”

In her presentation, Ms. Femi-John Adebola, guest speaker and HR expert, agreed that there are always biases when it comes to gender equality.

Ms Adebola, who informed that she already suffered from gender discrimination at her workplace, said: “There are prejudices which in most cases can be unconscious. Sometimes it happens to women with other women. We can break it by gaining knowledge and enlightening others. We should make sure that, like the men, we have enough knowledge.”

However, she advised women to always do their best to achieve their goals.

For her part, Ms Adebisi Odeleye, a beauty entrepreneur and consultant, said the bias goes beyond the way we see women.

In her opinion, the gender bias could also appear in the way women are paid in positions of office, suggesting that men and women should be placed on the same level.

Ms Odeleye complained that while over 52 per cent of women work in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), this group of women has little access to the necessary credit from banks.

Advising women to always pursue their dreams, the beautician said: “Women are the key people who produce our raw materials. Most of the time, women run the households. Involving and engaging them will go a long way towards empowering them. We need more women in leadership and governance. We also want to help our husbands, but the system doesn’t allow us to do that.”

Another guest speaker, an experienced project manager, Ms. Damilola Fanimo Nwabuzor, advised women to get educated because it can give them influence.

She said: “We have to earn people’s respect. Sometimes some women assume that as women they should be treated better. As women, we should determine what we want to be and work towards it. Try to do something new; we have no excuse.”

On gender bias, she said, “Sometimes they’re unconscious. The reason we want to break the barriers is because of the environment we are in. Some consider women less competent and weaker vessels. Women also have prejudices against each other. We want to help each other achieve more. Being a woman is not a burden but an enrichment.”

For Ms. Helen Omojola, an exclusive Bajaj dealer, women should always identify a goal, see it, pursue it, and achieve it.

Ms Omojola, Bajaj’s top distributor in Lagos, advised women and said: “Sometimes clients overlook me when they want to give me orders, but in the end they found out I can deliver. I advise women to see, pursue and overtake opportunities. Ask for help if needed. Remember to seek the face of God and don’t bite more than you can chew. Above all, be focused.”


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