Heine discusses economic opportunities for Latin America’s progressive leaders


ambassador Jorg Heineresearch professor at Frederick S Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, published a Global Times Guest op-ed discussing Latin America’s collective political shift to the left and how this might affect relations with China.

In his article entitled “China and the Return of the Left in Latin AmericaHeine outlines the triumphant rise of progressive leaders in Latin America in response to the failures of right-wing governments during the pandemic and how these new leaders’ relationship with China could help bolster the region’s economic recovery. China has historically invested in the region’s natural resources and infrastructure, which has helped strengthen Latin American economies; But Heine argues that progressive leadership should focus on fostering development and growth, creating jobs, incentivizing Sino-US manufacturing joint ventures, and increasing the value of raw materials.

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The new wave of progressive governments are much more aware than their predecessors of the need for industrial policies to foster development and growth… As the region enters a new political cycle, there is an opportunity to break out of the vicious circle of ‘boom and bust’” , who led Latin America from one lost decade to the next. China and Chinese companies can and should play an important role in this.

The full article can be read further Global Times‘ website.

Ambassador Jorge Heine is a research professor at the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University. He was Chile’s Ambassador to China (2014-2017), India (2003-2007) and South Africa (1994-1999) and Cabinet Minister in the Chilean government. Read more about Ambassador Heine in his Pardee School faculty profile.

Heine discusses economic opportunities for Latin America’s progressive leaders


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