Gaming scholarships help ensure that students participate in after-school activities


Children in BC will benefit from participating in a variety of school activities thanks to funding from Community Gaming Grants to more than 1,300 school boards.

“We have been through so much in the past few years and parents have proven themselves in our schools and worked hard to connect the children to safe and rewarding extracurricular activities,” said Josie Osborne, Minister for Local Affairs. “Activities like this offer tremendous health and well-being benefits for children and help keep students active and involved in learning.”

In total, nearly $ 11 million in Community Gaming Grants will support Parents ‘Advisory Boards (PACs) and District Parents’ Advisory Boards (DPACs) in the 2021-22 school year. Schools in British Columbia receive funding through PACs and DPACs each year for activities that benefit the social, cultural, and physical health of students.

“After-school activities are so important for students to connect with their friends and maintain their physical, social and mental health,” said Jennifer Whiteside, Secretary of Education. “Through community gaming grants, PACs and DPACs across the province offer a wide range of after-school activities for students that allow them to make new friends, develop life skills, and share more experiences with one another.”

Schools offer many after-school experiences for K-12 students, including sports and playground activities, drama, writing, and music programs, and graduation ceremonies supported by the Community Gaming Grant. PAC groups use the funds to host music, dance and theater performances, buy computers for after-school activities like robotics, yearbook and photo clubs, and hold social gatherings like movie nights.

“The ongoing pandemic has severely limited the ability of parent councils to raise funds to support numerous school programs,” said Andrea Sinclair, president of the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils. “Parents are grateful that community gaming grants are being distributed to PACs across the province to ensure that the student experience at their school is further enhanced while reducing the burden on families.”

The Community Gaming Grants program has put the health and safety of British Columbian first by requiring that all grants comply with the instructions of the provincial health officer, while at the same time helping organizations, whose programs and services are affected by the pandemic, Flexibility is offered.

Fast facts:

  • Every year, commercial gambling revenues fund important government programs and services, including health care, education, justice and social services, and the Community Gaming Grants program.
  • Each year, 5,000 community organizations across BC benefit from up to $ 140 million in gaming revenue from the Community Gaming Grants program.
  • Community Gaming Grants provide funding for arts and cultural groups, sports, the environment, public safety, human and social services, and PACs in BC schools.

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