Gainesville residents are knocking on doors to warn Pine Ridge residents of 30-day announcements


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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Gainesville residents went door-to-door to warn residents of the Pine Ridge Apartments that they could be potentially without home within the next month.

Jannie Webb lives right behind me and she has lived here in Pine Ridge for more than 26 years and she and several other residents have been asked to evacuate within the next 30 days. “

“It is said that you are being advised that your tenancy or lease will not be renewed.”

According to the Alachua County Labor Coalition (ACLC), the Key City Capital investment group bought more than 80 units in the Pine Ridge Apartments and is calculating the current residents.

The coalition recruited nearly 40 residents to knock on doors and inform others of the situation.

Jannie Webb said they would increase the rent from around $ 500 to around $ 900. She remembered her first reaction to the news.

“Stressful, very stressful,” said Webb.

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A statement on Key City Capital’s website said they are working to create a positive environment for the communities in which they work.

Webb’s daughter Karen Jordan said what landlords are doing is morally wrong, especially in this economic climate.

“People have no money while the pandemic is going on and everything and it’s COVID, a lot of people have no money for it,” Jordan explained. “So I just think it’s totally wrong for this to happen.”

ACLC co-chair Sheila Payne said something is wrong.

“Why should she have to go if she isn’t renovating now?” said Payne. “You’re not telling them your apartment is next.”

During the canvassing process, local residents urged neighbors to sign a petition addressed to both Gainesville city council and Alachua district officials.

Judith Martin believed that she too could soon be asked to leave her apartment.

“Starting today, I’ll try to look for another location,” said Martin.

The petition received more than 100 signatures and the coalition is working to obtain legal guidance.

“There are ways for people to resist, but it’s a very scary thing,” Payne added.

Several groups collect donations for residents who are looking for a new place.

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