Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was a symbol of women’s empowerment: Gehlot


Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is a symbol of women’s empowerment and she has shown how a woman can govern, Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot said on Tuesday marking International Women’s Day.

He also directed officials to ensure the effective implementation of the Udaan program, under which sanitary napkins will be made available free of charge in the state.

On that occasion, addressing a state-level function, he said the state government is committed to providing women with a safe environment and there will be no shortage of funds to provide them with self-defense training. The Udaan program was launched in December, providing women with sanitary napkins free of charge. The state government has allocated a fund of Rs 200 crore for the scheme.

Gehlot said he hadn’t seen a movie in the last 20-25 years, but as work on the plan continued he watched the movie Padman and was very inspired.

He also said women in villages should see the film and asked Minister for Women and Child Development Mamta Bhupesh to make arrangements. The Prime Minister said former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is the symbol of woman empowerment who has shown how a woman can govern.

He said that in India women were given the right to vote when the constitution was made and this fact reflects that the leaders of that era in the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru had progressive ideas for women.

Minister Bhupesh and Secretary-General Usha Sharma also addressed the function, highlighting the state government’s programs and policies for women’s well-being.

Gehlot also honored several women in different categories of the Indira Mahila Shakti Awards. Before addressing the program, Gehlot visited an exhibition and interacted with representatives of various NGOs and organizations and learned about their work. He also received a self-defense demonstration from the Nirbhaya Unit of Jaipur Police. PTI SDA ANB ANB

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