“Financial independence for women not negotiable”


According to financial market analyst and chief executive officer of Ubuntu Invest, Nelisiwe Masango, MORE women should start strengthening themselves in financial literacy in order to become independent.

Masango, who is also one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 50 Black African women entrepreneurs to watch, believes the best course of action is to create a plan and stick to it.

“Women in particular should continue to advocate financial independence. It just shouldn’t be negotiable. In a male-dominated world, money not only gives you the freedom to live on your own terms, it also gives you a sense of pride and dignity, ”Masango said yesterday.

“The best way to achieve a goal is to actually start. Make a plan, make the necessary sacrifices and tell a friend so that you can stay responsible and committed to your cause. “

The 28-year-old said society often picks up biased stereotypes on women based on motherhood and marriage and other norms that add to the lack of ambition women supposedly have, but that’s not the case.

“The real obstacles we face are self-doubt, lack of information and limited resources. Any woman can achieve her financial goals with the right guidance, ”she said, explaining that her inspiration came from the Chris Gardner story told in the film The pursuit of happiness.

After starting her Bear Run Investments financial education academy in 2018, Masango became the youngest owner of an accredited financial education institution.

Ubuntu Invest also helped her become the first black female executive director of a regulated derivatives brokerage firm.

Given the opportunities women face in terms of recognition and salaries in the work environment, Masango believes that nothing should stop a woman from reaching her highest potential.

“To be successful in entrepreneurship, trust is paramount; Motivation is the key and the passion to make a difference in society is the perfect catalyst. Keep believing in yourself and don’t worry about what people are saying. It takes time for people to see true talent, so don’t let doubts put you off, ”she said.

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