Femina’s Fabulous 40: Rohini Iyer, Entrepreneur & Changemaker


Femina’s fabulous 40 for 2022

The country’s newest president. The women athletes who have won laurels at the prestigious Commonwealth Games. Entrepreneurs whose businesses have grown this year. Award-winning actors and artists. Women who lead us into the zone of inspiration and make us believe that anything is possible. Women who have worked hard not only for themselves but also for others. It’s too many, but this selection of 40 will motivate us all to push our limits as we keep moving forward…

Rohini Iyer
Entrepreneur & Changemaker

This year, powerhouse entrepreneur Rohini Iyer is being wooed by the world. And no one is surprised as she is one of the most influential women in Bollywood and known as the ‘rainmaker’. At the age of just 21, she founded arguably India’s first reputation management company, Raindrop Media, which has been the driving force behind the rise of several Bollywood superstars. Raindrop may have started out as a drop, but Rohini has made a name for itself in the industry with their rebranded group of companies called Rain Reign. Multi-Hyphenate has diversified its brand into digital content, brand strategy and a new company to nurture and introduce new talent.

Superstars and legendary filmmakers alike vouch for her sharp ingenuity; The pioneering entrepreneur brings her Midas touch to everything she works on. She was a rule-breaker who challenged many of the status quo and stood up for her beliefs rather than sticking to the line, even at the risk of losing some of the biggest names in the industry.

As an advocate for women’s empowerment, Rohini works closely with her network of other influential women to engage in dialogue on women’s rights and address equal pay discrimination.

With her name on no fewer than 27 national and international power lists, and with 20 influential awards to her name, Rohini is an unstoppable force that has built brands and empires. Her success story has been documented in three chapters dedicated to her in three books about the country’s most powerful entrepreneurs – Sudha Menon’s Devi, Diva and She-DevilGayatri Rangachari Shah and Mallika Kapurs Changemakers: Twenty women are transforming Bollywood behind the scenes and those of Vodafone Women of Pure Wonder.

The visionary entrepreneur is working on new global collaborations this year. Global players were looking for her to take on the role of partner, investor and strategic advisor for the Indian market. As an advocate for women’s empowerment, Rohini has worked closely with her network of other influential women to lead dialogues on women’s rights, address equal pay discrimination and create an ecosystem that is safe for female media workers; She is also committed to equal opportunities for women.

While Rohini keeps a low profile without giving interviews or discussing her actor friends, she has a reputation for hosting the best soirées. Fittingly, a paparazzi once dubbed her the next Karan Johar.

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