Empowerment of Women: Alvi Explains How Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership – Pakistan


KARACHI: President Dr. Arif Alvi has said that the art of communication is crucial to empowering women and putting them on the path of development. Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 2nd Annual Conference on Development Discourses and Critiques at the IBA city campus here on Sunday, he said effective communication plays an important role in development.

He said that some people cannot adapt to the needs of communication. The President said there are some tools and we need to acquire them to achieve our goals.

He went on to say that toolsets are available to improve food production and the healthcare system. The President said that it is the common perception in our society that the Molvis are playing their role as an obstacle to population control in the country, which is wrong.

He said that they (Molvis) are here to help us. He went on to say that there are 9 million pregnancies in a year in the country, and 4 million of those are unwanted. The President said that women are not equal in the West either.

He said women have talent and in Pakistan 70 to 80 percent of them are admitted to medical schools on merit. He said that effective communication is the need of the hour to meet the challenges on the road to development.

Earlier, IBA Executive Director S. Akbar Zaidi welcomed President Dr. Arif Alvi at the conference and said that they had very different discussions during the conference.

He said attempts were made to cover small to large issues in the development conference, including the discussions on disability. He went on to say that women’s representation is also assured.


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