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I finished on a rainy Sunday afternoon in September Corie Adjmi‘s book “Life and Other Inadequacies”. Presented as a collection of linked short stories, the book tells the captivating, comprehensible stories of 12 women, all on different paths of life, but connected by truths and experiences that are inherent in women.

Adjmi, an award-winning Jewish writer and advocate for women’s empowerment, wrote her multi-award-winning book “to help harness the power and relationality of storytelling to empower women (especially Jewish women) in all walks of life”.

Sharing how her Jewish heritage and values ​​influenced her writing, she said, “Jewish people are often referred to as ‘People of the Book.’ It is part of our cultural heritage to teach and convey our values, customs and beliefs through stories, starting with the Torah. A good story makes people think and ask questions; it can be a seed used to fuel important or controversial conversations. Writing allows me to consider the questionable or seedy parts of a character while building empathy in the process. Compassion is an essential principle of the Jewish religion. “

She continued, “My short stories are sometimes disturbing and sometimes humorous, but they deal with topics that are important to me and that I want to draw attention to, such as domestic violence and patriarchy. Awareness is the first step before change can take place.

“Writing is a form of activism, a way to stand up against injustice and be heard. Supporting women and their stories, and shedding light on female oppression of all kinds, is one way we can do our part to make the world a better place. Tikun olam, which means to fix the world, is part of the Jewish tradition, ”says Corie.

Life and Other Shortcomings is a beautifully written book that, in part, examines how women perceive themselves, particularly through the lens of their relationships with others and the constructs of society. It’s a book about love, acceptance, family, survival, relationships, and healing; about dealing with the past, dealing with the present and finally choosing your own way forward.

“Life and Other Defects” is published by She Writes Press. Learn more about the author at www.corieadjmi.com.


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