Discrimination, violence that hinders women’s self-determination: W20


JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Discrimination and violence are challenges that hamper women’s empowerment and efforts for gender equality, said W20 Chair Hadriani Uli Silalahi.

“We (understand) that discrimination and violence against women are challenges that women face (in the process) to become empowered and equal in society,” she remarked at the W20-Indonesia Policy Dialogue, based out of Likupang, North Minahasa, North Sulawesi, on Tuesday.

Discrimination against women is a concern because women MSME (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) actors have greatly contributed to the post-COVID-19 economic recovery, she said.

Indonesia’s W20 presidency will seek to encourage G20 leaders to champion women’s empowerment and gender equality as the key global discussion, Silalah added.

W20 will also promote the empowerment of rural women and women with disabilities, she said.

“For a long time they were hampered by restricted access,” she added.

The W20 will also emphasize the need for public health services that cover both physical and mental health, she said.

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According to Silalahi, the W20 side event was held to gather input from G20 member countries to form a strong advocacy group.

“The function and purpose of the W20 side event is to gather inputs, insights and thoughts for the development of W20 knowledge as indicated in our strategy to form a strong advocacy group,” she said.

She said she hopes the G20’s efforts to achieve gender equality and empowerment can be done in line with the W20 theme, which is “Recovering Together, Recovering Equally.”

The series of agendas for Indonesia’s W20 presidency as one of the G20’s engagement groups has begun, she said, adding that there will be several main agendas under the Women20 summit, as well as additional agendas or side events.

The forum will raise several issues related to women’s empowerment, she said.

The Likupang tourist area in North Minahasa, North Sulawesi, will host the first W20 side event on February 14-16, 2022, she added.

At least 150 participants, composed of representatives of the G20 member countries: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, China, Germany, UK, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Italy, France , Russia and the European Union will participate in the first meeting, which will be conducted in both online and offline formats.

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