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By STEPHEN GROVES, Associated Press

SIOUX FALLS, SD (AP) – The South Dakota Democratic Party said on Friday it paid a $ 40,000 fine and cleared its accounts of $ 2,500 in contributions for campaign finance violations in the presidential election from 2016.

The party said the payment would settle the Federal Election Commission’s investigation into accounting related to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

A federal audit showed the party had not disclosed $ 2.5 million in disbursements which were quickly transferred to the Democratic National Committee. The party then changed its reports after the general election. It has also received over $ 67,000 in contributions from unregistered organizations.

The party has faced multiple financial problems in recent years, but its chairman Randy Seiler said the fines settled all violations with federal election regulators. The party has reshuffled its leadership since 2019.

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“With this finalized agreement and the work we have done to improve the Party’s financial situation, we are optimistic about the financial prospects of the SDDP by 2022,” he said.

The party said it had $ 25,000 in its latest campaign finance report. Democrats faced declining enrollment and saw their party’s representatives in the Legislature decline to their lowest number in over 60 years.

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