Dean of the Helms School of Government becomes chairman of the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation, “Liberty News


Robert Hurt, dean of Liberty University’s Helms School of Government, has been named chairman of the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF), a two-year commitment in which he will arrange quarterly meetings and implement long-term goals for the organization.

VECF is an institution that connects families with public and private sector resources and ensures preschoolers have everything they need to be successful in health, education, social services and more. The VECF seeks and receives funding for use across the Commonwealth, in both rural and urban cities and towns.

“VECF is grateful for Robert Hurt’s commitment to serving as CEO for the next two years, particularly because of his valuable expertise and commitment to the public service combined with his integrity and principled leadership,” said VECF President Kathy Glazer. “Like Liberty University, the foundation has a vision that everyone has access to the opportunity to reach their full potential. I look forward to working with Robert in the service of this mission. “

Hurt was active in the organization prior to his appointment as chairman, as a full board member from 2017-19 and as vice chairman from 2019-21. Hurt said VECF’s mission is intertwined with that of Liberty University and the Helms School of Government.

“The VECF has become a leading voice in promoting early childhood development,” said Hurt. “The mission is in line with our mission here at Liberty University. … At the Helms School we are very committed to ensuring that our graduates are optimally prepared here to fulfill their calling and to face the demands and challenges of the world. Likewise, the Early Childhood Foundation strives to support everyone across the board, so I am honored to serve the foundation in this capacity. “


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