CWEG – a tribe of selfless women on a mission to make a difference


A registered non-profit organization, since its inception more than 20 years ago, the Croftdene Women’s Empowerment Group has served as a beacon of hope, courage and strength to hundreds of disadvantaged women – young and old – in Chatsworth and the surrounding area.

The organization is celebrating its 22nd birthdaynd th anniversary this year there is certainly no stopping dynamic founder Priscilla Govender and her team of dedicated and phenomenal members who continue to prove that a confident woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond words.

“It is such a surreal feeling to know that our group will be celebrating their 22nd anniversary this year. I can hardly believe it. Looking back, we’ve come this far. It wasn’t easy, but we never gave up. We pushed on, and when the going got tough, we constantly reminded ourselves that many less fortunate women in the church depend on us to offer them some happiness, joy, peace, and comfort. Essentially, our community is responsible for our successes as an empowerment group today. Without them, or their belief in us, we would not be approaching this momentous milestone,” Govender said.

CWEG runs various projects that help them continue their good deeds throughout the year. Govender explained that some of these initiatives include gift baskets, nutrition programs, food distribution, empowerment programs and more.

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“I feel blessed to have a group of successful, inspiring and loving women by my side. I know I can always count on the lovely members of our group – they are indeed a reflection of God’s love. There is never a moment when I share an idea with them and they don’t support me. If anything, their excitement overshadows mine and they encourage me along the way. At Croftdene Women’s Empowerment Group, we’re more than team members and friends – we’re family! We all love each other dearly and know that we must stand together to change the lives of those less fortunate. My mother started a group in the ’60s and to know that we continue to keep the flame of her legacy alive well fills me with fulfillment and joy,” added Govender.

Over the years society has been plagued by various social ills and criminal elements and has become quite unsafe for women and children. With this in mind, Govender will be conducting self defense classes at God’s Victory Center in Croftdene every Thursday from 10am.

It is often said that dynamite comes in small packages and this is truly true of Govender as many are unaware that she is fully trained in self defense.

“Through these courses, we want to educate and empower women on how to take back their power and not become victims of criminals on the prowl. We cordially invite all ladies to join us. You won’t regret it,” she concluded.

For more information on the self-defense courses or to even become a valued member of the Croftdene Women’s Empowerment Group, contact Priscilla Govender on 031 409-9887 or 083-763-7489.


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