Contract signed for Brewer’s Bay toilet facilities


The Government of the Virgin Islands has reached an agreement and signed a contract with K&C Construction to construct toilet facilities for Brewer’s Bay Beach.

The contract signing ceremony took place today at the Premier’s Office in the Cutlass Tower. After a successful bidding process, K & C Construction was awarded the contract valued at one hundred and twenty-four thousand two thousand fifty-eight dollars and seventy cents (US$124,258.70). Work on the toilet facilities at Brewer’s Bay Beach begins March 1st and will last six months through August 31st.

The Honorable Secretary for Natural Resources, Labor and Immigration, Vincent Wheatley, opened with a statement giving a brief background on the facilities established during his tenure, before thanking all those who have made this new achievement possible. He said: “As the British Virgin Islands continues to be a premier tourist destination, it is extremely important that we support these individuals who visit our shores. For many years our goal has been to ensure that these popular beaches are equipped with bathrooms.”

Minister Wheatley added: “When we first arrived we started with the Long Bay bathroom on Beef Island and it has since served both the community and visitors very well. We will try to do this on all our prime beaches in the British Virgin Islands, we did the Baths many years ago, we have yet to do Spring Bay, Savannah Bay and all our other popular beaches.”

Melvin Turnbull, a member of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and representative of the Second District, thanked the Virgin Islands government on behalf of his constituents and himself for carrying out the project, which has been budgeted since 2016. He said: “I am happy that the Minister for Natural Resources and Labor has met with the people of the Brewer’s Bay community about three or four times since his election. I will also, on behalf of these residents, express my gratitude to the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for ensuring that not only has the funding been budgeted but the contracts are now signed. I want to say to residents of this community that delay does not mean denial, but we are moving towards a toilet facility for residents and visitors alike.”

Mr. Kendall Arthur of K&C Construction also thanked the Virgin Islands government for awarding his company the contract. He also assured that his company would carry out the work as usual to the best of its knowledge and belief. He said: “We at K&C are very proud to have this job at Brewer’s Bay. I would like to thank the Honorable Turnbull and the Honorable Wheatley for their kind words, and I would like to thank the Government of the Virgin Islands for trying to get this little business through. We will make Brewer’s Bay bathroom one of the best bathrooms in the British Virgin Islands.”

Following the signing of the contracts, the Honorable Prime Minister and Treasury Secretary Andrew A. Fahie concluded by commenting how pleased he was that contracts for the project had now been signed. He said: “I am pleased that your government continues to ensure that despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the worst pandemic in the last hundred years, which is still ongoing, with limited resources as a result; but still high demands on government institutions and the country as a whole, your government continues to meet the needs of the people of the Virgin Islands and ensures that no district is left behind.

He added: “We are pleased that all members of the government have approved this project. I am pleased to know that the Second District representative can say that he is also pleased that we made sure that happened. We intend to ensure that we continue to promote what is best for these Virgin Islands, no matter the district area. I would like to congratulate K&C Construction and put on record that they won this through a fair and open bidding process.”

The full video of the toilet facility contract signing ceremony at Brewer’s Bay Beach can be viewed on the government’s Facebook page at BVIGgovernment.



Photo 1 (standing left to right) (seated right to left): Prime Minister and Treasury Secretary Honorable Andrew Fahie, Colene Penn of K&C Construction, Member of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and Representative of the Second District Honorable Melvin Turnbull, Secretary of Natural Resources, Labor and Immigration Honorable Vincent Wheatley, Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development Honorable Shereen D. Flax-Charles, Kendall Arthur of K&C Construction, Junior Minister for Tourism Honorable Sharie B. de Castro, Minister for Health and Social Development Honorable Carvin Malone

Photo 2: The Honorable Vincent Wheatley, Secretary of State for Natural Resources, Labor and Immigration

Photo 3: Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Honorable Andrew Fahie

Photo 4: Kendall Arthur from K&C Construction

(Image credit: GIS/Franklin Skerritt)


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