Cong wants to call Yogi Adityuanath “Bulldozernath”


On Sunday, Congress tried to refer to Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister, Yogi Aditynath, as “Bulldozernath” or the bulldozer lord in an alleged way to trample on young people’s dreams.

It accused the prime minister of destroying the dreams of girls who wanted to run a party-organized marathon in Lucknow. “Bulldozernath’s destructive government is repeatedly trampling on the dreams of youth. Sometimes by leaking questionnaires, sometimes by not disclosing recruits (results) and sometimes by using violence against them,” the Congress party said in a tweet.

“This time, Yogi’s misogynist bulldozer ran over the dreams of brave girls,” added the party. “But he does not know that those whose time has come cannot stop any power on earth. The slogan #LadkiHoonLadSaktiHoon resonates in the state. Female power is ready to defend its claim to power,” said another party tweet.

Since the party was refused permission to hold the race in Lucknow, the race was held in Jhansi on Sunday. UP Congress spokesman Vikas Srivastava told PTI that over 10,000 women took part in the five-kilometer marathon in Jhansi.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also criticized the UP government, saying that girls would not tolerate this and would fight for their rights. In a Hindi tweet, Priyanka Gandhi said, “Yogi Adityanath ji, you speak against women by speaking of controlling them. For this reason, you did not allow girls to take part in the Lucknow marathon.”

“The girls from Jhansi sent a message that they will not tolerate this and will fight for their rights,” she added. The UP government agencies have used bulldozers to destroy the illegal property of criminals and gangsters, and this is also often mentioned by the BJP leaders in their speeches in the state.

The Congress Party said that those who participated in the Jhansi marathon obtained the CM. Regarding the party’s women’s marathon in Jhansi, Priyanka Gupta, a chairwoman and spokeswoman for Congress, said that every participant in the women’s marathon was inspired by Rani Laxmibai from Jhansi, who fought against the British.

“You will not limit yourself to this marathon, but also sprint in the politics of the country and change course and direction,” she said. The UP Congress also used the hashtag #ladki_se_darta_hai_Yogi (Yogi is afraid of girls) on this occasion.

“The Daughters of the State ask: Wasn’t COVID there when the BJP held their programs? There is no COVID in the election rallies. Yogi ji, blocking the advancement of women will prove costly to you,” the part said in another tweet .

“The Daughters of the State understand the BJP government’s misogynistic conspiracy very well. The conspirators who had put nails in the way of the peasants are now blocking the way for the daughters. But they must be accountable for their actions to UP daughters who aspire to fly, “he added.

On Saturday evening, congress officials protested in front of the Lucknow police chief’s camp office against the refusal to hold the race. The protesting Congress officials, including women, were forced into a police car and taken away from where they were protesting outside the Lucknow Police Commissioner’s office.

The five-kilometer race should start at 8 a.m. on Sunday, said UP Congress spokesman Anshu Awasthi. “The BJP government is scared because women are on the side of Congress. They refused us permission because of their arrogance,” Awasthi said.

Police commissioner DK Thakur had informed the PTI that the Congress party had requested permission to organize the race, but had been refused permission due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With inputs from PTI.


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