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Columbus, Ohio – The Ohio State Women completed their portion of the 2022 NCAA Championships Friday in South Bend, Indiana. As a team, the Buckeyes sit fourth, and five of the six Ohio State women finished in the top 12.


Fifth-year senior Camilla Rivano led the way and secured the No. 2 in the women’s foil to advance to the semifinals, eventually finishing third on points. Junior Julieta Toledo was sixth in saber and her classmate Montserrat Viveros was seventh in epee. Three Buckeye freshmen were in action, with Yeva Mazur taking 11th place in epee, Alina Lee 12th place in foil, and Eleonore Perrier 17th place in saber.

Fencers finishing in the top 4 will receive First Team All-America honors, while those finishing fifth through eighth will be named to the second team and fencers finishing ninth through 12th will receive an honorable mention.

Day Two (Women, Rounds 4-5, Semifinals and Finals)

As a team, the Buckeyes sit fourth with 79 wins over the first two days of competition behind Notre Dame (102), Princeton (90) and Columbia/Barnard (83).

In her third appearance in the NCAA championship, fifth-grader Camilla Rivano placed her career best in third place after finishing sixth in 2018-19. In the semi-final against Notre Dame’s Amita Berthier, Rivano lost 15-11. She was down 7-2 early on but fought back to come within a draw (10-9). Berthier recorded the next four touches for a 14-9 lead. Rivano posted the next two but Berthier ended the fight.

Rivano was No. 2 in the women’s foil as she stood 17-6 in the preliminary rounds with an indicator of +41 to earn second place among fencers.

Freshman Alina Lee finished 12th in Foil with a 13-10 record and a +5 indicator.

On the women’s side, Julieta Toledo had 7:1 that day, with an indicator of +19. She took sixth place with 15 wins in 23 fights and an indicator of +29. Newcomer Eleonore Perrier finished 17th in the final standings and had eight wins.

Both Buckeyes in women’s epee finished in the top 12, each with 13 wins. Junior Montserrat Viveros was seventh with an indicator of +12 and freshman Yeva Mazur was 11th with an indicator of -3.

Day One (Women’s Rounds 1-3)

The Buckeyes ranked fourth as a team with 50 wins behind Notre Dame (65), Princeton (58) and Columbia/Barnard (55).

Individually, the foil duo of Camilla Rivano and Alina Lee led on Thursday. Rivano, a fifth grader, was in third place. She was 11-4 that day, with an indicator of +34, the best among all foilists. Lee, a freshman, was eighth after going 10-5 with a +11 indicator.

Junior Montserrat Viveros finished seventh in the women’s category. She was 9-6, with a +10 indicator. Freshman Yeva Mazur was 8-7 and had a -4 indicator.

Julieta Toledo, a junior, was 10th in the women’s saber with eight wins and a +10 indicator. Newcomer Ele Perrier claimed four wins.

Rivano was the only Buckeye of the six women with prior NCAA championship experience when she competed in the 2022 event.


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